Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In times like these, we must remind ourselves that we are resilient, and still surrounded by beauty. As uncertain as what tomorrow, next week or a few months from now may bring: plants continue to grow, tulips continue to reach upwards as the weather warms, and the chirping of birds fill our mornings as the sun rises. We have the opportunity to go inward and appreciate the people and little things around us that matter most. In the future, we will know we’ve been successful in our quest for resilience when there is less of a distinction between normal and emergency procedures. My ethos has always been promoting connection-building more than fearmongering. And there is a need, now more than ever, to transform into resilient communities with healthy ecosystems and skilled, responsible residents that will continue to function and inspire one another well even when systems go down. This is an opportunity for us to build more stable and sustainable communities that will be better prepared to thrive in the face of whatever man or nature throws our way.

In the spirit of sharing – here is a reposting of an article I published in Trim Tab several years ago – which seems relevant to the challenges all of us are facing today.


– Jason F. McLennan
CEO, McLennan Design
Founder – International Living Future Institute


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