Newly Combined Architecture Firm with International Green Building Expertise Launches With Renewed Focus on Transformative Impact across Multiple Building Sectors

Internationally renowned Seattle, Washington area firm McLennan Design, started by the founder of the Living Building Challenge, is pleased to announce that it is forging an intentional alliance with Christine Lintott Architects (CLA) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The two firms are integrating to deliver on their shared mission of expanding the boundaries of regenerative architecture, planning, consulting and product design work all over the world; thought leadership manifest in actual projects. The combined team, which will continue to be known as McLennan Design, (except in the Canadian market where Christine Lintott Architects will maintain its identity) has effectively doubled each practice’s size, capacity, experience and impact. The alliance now has three partners—Jason F. McLennan, Christine Lintott, and Dale Duncan—with offices in Seattle, Victoria, and Kansas City.

“Christine Lintott is one of Canada’s most thoughtful and talented architects and we are thrilled to have her world class team aligned with our mission to design and build Living Buildings of all types” said McLennan.

After multiple successful collaborations over the past several years, the two firms have committed to formally aligning their processes and services in order to scale each firms’ impact and outreach. The combined firm, marketed as McLennan Design, works in multiple sectors including higher education, K-12, environmental centers, hospitality, retail, housing and corporate office.

“Our ability to scale up and expand our impact through the renowned reputation and global reach of McLennan Design is profound and represents an alignment of strengths across all aspects of design through project implementation. This combined team is about game changing troublemaking, and we are excited to formalize our collaboration,” said Lintott.

Moving forward, the expanded McLennan Design will put its combined team to work on net zero, living building, and other industry leading, transformative projects and strives to create new models of architecture, design, and project delivery that are beautiful, regenerative, highly effective, and impactful.

“Bringing together our two firms into this cohesive group of extremely talented professionals is a strategic next step to solidify our role as leaders in the transformative work of regenerative design,” says partner Dale Duncan. “We believe our integration as a unified team, will result in a greater outcome for the clients and projects that we continue to serve today and in the future.”