Elevate your project through an innovative consulting process in collaboration with one of the world’s top regenerative firms and an incredible team of green building experts.

We believe the next generation of cities, buildings, and landscapes need a higher level of integration, performance, and resilience. Our unique perspective brings clients, architects, engineers, stakeholders, and scientists together to ask challenging questions and discover answers we cannot reach alone.

Whether leading design efforts or embedded within design teams, the goal is the same: to reach new levels of environmental and design performance together. McLennan Design’s partners and associates have had key leadership roles in transformative projects all over the world. We bring proven experience at the cutting edge of sustainability along with unmatched innovation and insight. Our unique partnership with Integral Group, In Site Biology, and Drawdown Consulting allows us to bring complementary visioning, design, and engineering services to your project.

Sustainable Design Consulting
Our team reaches the highest levels of performance possible, with innovation, elegance, and economy.

Building Science Analysis
Our unique collaboration with Integral Group and in-house expertise leverages technical analysis for daylight and energy modeling, water and waste analysis, natural ventilation, and human comfort.

Ecological Site Analysis and Biological Restoration Plans
Our unique collaboration with Insite Biologists helps clients intimately understand the genius inherent in any given site, understanding of overall ecosystem health and indigenous species (present and missing), and what is required for ecological restoration and regeneration work.

Wellness Consulting
As one of the primary authors and main architect for the WELL Building Standard, McLennan Design is uniquely positioned to help improve the potential for the built environment as a place of health and wellness.

Living Building Certification Consulting
As the founder and creator of the LBC, nobody in the building industry knows more about how to achieve the highest level of certification in the world.

Materials Research
Our expert team finds innovative materials solutions that meet the Living Building Challenge Redlist and Materials Sourcing requirements.

Owner’s Rep Services
For certain projects, we help oversee, coach, and mentor design, engineering, and construction teams.