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“We deliver products that are free of redlist chemicals, beautiful to behold and that embody the spirit of a regenerative future.”

—Jason F. McLennan

We help you create beautiful products inspired by the natural world.

Each of us engages with manufactured products, the stuff of life, all day, every day. It is time to transform how we make the things that comprise our lives, so the legacy of how we have lived begins to tell a different story for our future. McLennan design can work with your company to imagine, design and launch your industry’s greenest, most beautiful products.

For inspiration, we often look to nature’s genius, searching for ways to reference its intelligence and elegance through the principles of biomimicry and biophilia. We then look holistically at the manufacturing process with you, ensuring the sustainability of the product to be manufactured is comprehensive – responsible not only environmentally, but also socially.

Through product design partnerships, we work closely with manufacturers already committed to their craft and the quality of their work and practices, looking to push their industry by creating beautiful, healthy, and sustainable products that demonstrate the positive impact these products can have in our world.

Our strategic collaborations result in award winning products, from carpet that is inspired by lichen in its form and function, to paint that utilizes circadian light science to create natural, comfortable environments, all adhering to the Living Product Challenge and free of redlist chemicals, complete with Declare labels that bring transparency to each product’s material inputs.

As in all our design work, we are committed to outcomes that hit a harmonious pinnacle of performance, beauty, and environmental responsibility, and that demonstrate a commitment to the health and wellness of the planet as well as to the many communities and people engaged as a product moves from conception to realization.

Owls Collection

McLennan Design partnered with Mohawk Group to create the Owls Collection, a modular plank carpet system resulting from innovations that merge leading concepts in biophilic design and sustainability.

Biophilic design—bringing nature into the built environment—creates spaces that are soothing and conducive to well-being. The Owls Collection really brings a topic to the discussion about the aesthetics of a product, and what that product offers to an environment.

North America is home to many beautiful owls. The design team investigated several species and selected the Snowy Owl, the Great Grey Owl, the Eastern Screech Owl, the Western Screech Owl and the Great Horned Owl to form the basis of this collection. The species were chosen for their individual attributes as well as the diversity of the regions they inhabit—every region of the continent is represented with an owl. Owls is a versatile, economic interior flooring product. Mohawk Group and McLennan Design ensured that the patterns complement each other, so the tiles can be used throughout an entire facility—from accents and transitions, to open concept areas—furthering the biophilic experience of space and place.

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Lichen Collection

McLennan Design partnered with Mohawk Group to create the Lichen Collection, a new modular plank carpet system resulting from innovations that merge leading concepts in biophilic design and sustainability.

The collection is the first floorcovering to achieve Living Product Challenge Petal Certification. Inspired by assemblages of multi-hued, multi-textured lichens and their regenerative role in our ecosystem, the Lichen Collection is on the path to give more resources back to the environment than it uses during its entire life cycle.

Mohawk Group, the world’s leading producer and distributor of quality commercial flooring, delivers industry-leading style, cutting-edge innovation, unmatched service and superior sustainability. As the commercial division of Mohawk Industries, Mohawk Group has a heritage of craftsmanship that spans more than 130 years. The company’s enduring family of brands — Mohawk, Karastan and Durkan — are widely regarded as the most trusted names in the commercial flooring business. Together, these brands function beautifully, delivering the perfect flooring solution for all markets and price points.

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ECOS System

McLennan Design has teamed up with ECOS Paints to offer curated color palettes from technology developed to improve air quality in the built environment.

ECOS System is a curated collection of regional palettes based on nature’s unique diversity, the science of color, and built on the greenest, premium quality paint on the market.

All colors are carefully selected from nature and each color is compatible with the other colors in the ECOS System palette.

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McLennan Series

Neil Kelly has long been the leading green cabinet maker in the United States — committed to producing superior products with a light ecological footprint. In teaming with McLennan Design’s Jason F. McLennan, there is now a cabinet line that represents the most environmentally responsible product line for our industry in existence. The cabinets are made of 100% FSC® Certified wood and plywood with special reclaimed wood and stone options and are free of red-listed chemicals including all paints and finishes.

Earth Measure

Earth Measure is comprised of remnant stone, redesigned into beautiful, long-lasting flooring patterns inspired by nature’s geometries. Coldspring Granite teamed up with McLennan Design in creating a product that is not only beautiful, but that will also last decades with little to no maintenance.

The product has low embodied energy and is made without chemicals using small pieces that are normally ground up as aggregate or left in piles. The stone dimensions are compatible with standard dimensional wood products enabling countless configurations in combining the two materials.

The product is part of the DECLARE Products protocol for unparalleled product transparency.