Love + Regeneration

Rediscovering our relationship to the natural world

Our Quarterly Publication
Love + Regeneration is the quarterly publication produced by McLennan Design for those who want to engage with ideas and conversations around a truly regenerative, living future. Picking a title for this publication proved challenging, as there were many ideas and issues we wanted to cover, but we kept coming back to these two words – love because it drives everything we do and regeneration because this is our goal, to show that it is possible to design buildings and communities that help make the world a better, healthier place for all life.

Throughout every issue, we plan to publish feature stories that describe ideas that can reshape some aspects of society, case studies on our projects and those of others we admire, news from our global practice and other edifying information on topics ranging from astonishing species to aspirational poetry. Over time we will expand to add contributions from our primary collaborators – other engineers, architects and sustainability thinkers – to round out each issue.

We hope this publication acts as a resource and inspiration to our friends engaged in the work of building a regenerative world.

Vol. 5, Issue 3

Vol. 2, Issue 1

Feature story: The Foundations of Biophilia: Nature Relationship by Jason F. McLennan

Vol. 1, Issue 3

Feature story: The Architecture of the In-Between by Jason F. McLennan with Kristina Avramovic Oldani

Vol. 1, Issue 2

Feature story: Biophilic Design: A New Scale Emerges by Jason F. McLennan with Julia Drachman

Vol. 1, Issue 1

Feature story: A Proven Radical Water Efficiency Paradigm, by Jason F. McLennan