University of Idaho – College of Natural Resources

McCall Field Campus

University of Idaho

14 Acres

2023 – present

Living Building Challenge Project

Inspiring the lives of future generations through education and outreach in Idaho’s first Living Building at The McCall Field Campus.

The McCall field campus, established in 1939, and part of the University of Idaho’s College of Natural Resources, has evolved into a year-round, high-demand collegiate and K-12 program, and in so doing has largely outgrown its almost 100-year-old facilities in beautiful McCall, Idaho.

The McLennan Design team was selected by the University to help support the future visions and planning for the McCall Field Campus, home to the McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS). Our team has been collaborating with U of I and MOSS faculty to imagine the long-term potential for the campus and how needed new facilities could exemplify the mission and values of the organization through the construction of a dining hall and classroom facility. Together we envision buildings that are healthy to inhabit, built responsibly, and provide transformative inspiration and education for generations of students, faculty, and community who will engage with the campus.

The Living Building Challenge was identified as an ideal way to articulate what future buildings could be like on campus as examples of deep-rooted environmental stewardship.