When the major economic anchor of a community disappears, how can new development and public goods create jobs and a better place to live?

Noisette Masterplan

From 2000 to 2005, the Noisette Company developed a Master Plan for 2000 acres of North Charleston, SC, including the northern end of the former Charleston Naval Base, new riverfront park, an event space (Point Pavilion) and transformed historic buildings. Jason McLennan worked on these components in key roles while at BNIM. The master plan received the 2005 ASLA Excellence Award:

“Great example at every scale of investigation. . .love the hand renderings. . . addressed the re-use of military bases and brownfields, important issues for our time. . . form driven, responds to the character of the place that it is. . . unclichéd. . .compelling presentation..”

— 2005 Professional Awards Jury Comments

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