Los Azules

A Mine of the Future

San Juan, Argentina

McEwan Mining, Inc.

45,000 square meters

Completion by 2035

Net Zero Water and Net Zero Energy


To create the world’s greenest and most innovative, socially responsible copper mine, one that creates immense economic value, while resulting in a net positive impact to the environment and people’s health and well-being.

The regenerative camp will be a self-contained village to support the well being of up to 2000 mine workers. It will be a terraced village oriented for optimal solar exposure, enclosed by a solar roof that captures more power than is needed to support the facility. Rainwater and groundwater will be used, subsequently treated and reintroduced to the surrounding water table. Abundant food will be grown and raised within the constructed ecosystem, creating an oasis in the Andes.

― Mission

The first Zero Carbon Copper Mine in the World.

The Safest and Healthiest Mine in the World.

The creation of a positive and highly desirable place to work, that is an asset to Argentina and its people.

To Inspire Change to the mining industry through demonstration of innovation, responsibility and profitability.

To build the most technologically advanced mine that utilizes appropriate technology, automation and enabling technologies.

To leave the site in a better ecological state than prior to mining and protects habitat, water quality and local species.

To clearly demonstrate McEwen Mining’s leadership and to create positive brand impacts for all its partners.

To produce abundant amounts of valuable Copper and associated metals to help with the world’s renewable energy transition.