Urban Planning, Sustainability, and Development Guidelines

LEAP Innovation District

The district will be a leader of sustainable development in the United States in water management, ecological biodiversity, regenerative development, interconnectedness, decarbonization, 100% electric utilities, pedestrian friendly neighborhoods, urban agriculture, and more.The district is centered on a groundbreaking “quality of place” philosophy
that integrates advanced manufacturing like solar farms, battery manufacturing, and electric car production, with a walkable, mixed-use urban fabric to support new employment.


Located at the midpoint of a 70-mile technology corridor that connects Indianapolis to the nationally ranked Purdue University, LEAP Lebanon is also proximate to three highway interchanges in the heartland of America, and sits only thirty miles from the soon-to-be largest FedEx Hub in the world and the #1 ranked airport in the country, Indianapolis International Airport.


The vital innovation corridor between Indianapolis and Purdue University’s Discovery Park is expanding the boundaries of interdisciplinary research and knowledge to address 21st century global challenges. The vital hub is changing the future with the products and research of some of the world’s premier companies in life sciences, Ag tech, microelectronics, clean tech, and battery innovation.


At full build, LEAP Lebanon will be home to hundreds of companies, employing over 50,000 employees at industry-leading companies with supporting new neighborhood and mixed-use village amenities.