How can Federal buildings meet changing security requirements and breathe new life into tired settings?

Bolling Federal Building

The Bolling Federal Building entrance pavilion and plaza successfully brings a mid-century building forward to meet the realities of our time. The design solution involved creating a plaza that was safe from threats while inviting to pedestrians through a series of landscape elements, including a reflecting pool that transitions the interior black terrazzo to the public realm by way of a thin reflecting pool. Pure white concrete was used for structure and final finish with integrated thermal barriers. The project won a 2004 GSA Design Excellence Award.

“What a dramatic first impression. The design beautifully orchestrates a subtle and elegant urban sequence into the building. The building integrates lighting, seating, security and shade to create a great public space. The intervention strikes an impressive balance between the building’s modernist roots and city’s urban tradition of engaging the street and public”
– Jury comment

Project was managed by Dale Duncan while at BNIM Architects.

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