How can a global headquarters provide a healthy, biophilic, and productive work environment and demonstrate to the nation how older existing buildings can be transformed into affordable, high-performing places for people and place?

ASHRAE Global Headquarters

McLennan Design, in partnership with Houser Walker Architecture and in collaboration with Integral Group, is leading the design of a new headquarters for ASHRAE, the professional association of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigerating engineers, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The design team is tasked with renovating to Net-Zero Energy performance levels a 69,000 sf office building built in the 1970s. ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a not-for-profit global society advancing human well-being through sustainable technology for the built environment. ASHRAE funds research projects, provides continuing education programs, and develops technical standards for the advancement of HVAC&R systems design and construction with over 56,000 members worldwide. The renovation will serve as benchmark for deep energy efficiency retrofits and provide a healthy, biophilic, and productive work environment for ASHRAE’s employees and the volunteer committees that serve the industry.

Project Name ASHRAE Global HQ
Location  Atlanta, Georgia
Year  2019
Status  In construction
Collaborators  Integral Group, Houser Walker Architecture
Design/Project Team  Jason F. McLennan: Principal in Charge; Dale Duncan, Architect; Phaedra Svec, Sustainability Consultant; Jason Wilkinson, Project Manager; Joshua Fisher, Designer

Net-Zero Energy

The design team is tasked with renovating a 67,000 sf 1970s office building to house ASHRAE’s 145 employees to Net-Zero Energy certification standards.