A few weeks ago we were at the Bioneers Conference and our CEO, Jason F. McLennan, had an opportunity to share a few considerations that has been on our mind in relation to regeneration and reconciliation.

It has been almost twenty years since Jason F. McLennan launched the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most progressive and advanced green building program, with the intent to show that our buildings could serve as one of the key paths toward a regenerative future. Rooted in the question of asking, “what does good look like” and how can that be pursued in the materials used to construct buildings, how they are operated, and their relationship with the people and place they are built. Since then, numerous Living Buildings that demonstrate a better, more inspiring way of living and working have been built around the world by talented teams of people. In consideration of the ripples of positive change and validated proof that Living Buildings work and are beautiful, providing models and examples to build on, we are now asking the question “why do we still continue to build and live in ways that degrade our ecologies?”

Jason navigates and considers why just sharing facts, presenting case studies, or developing a better building alone is not enough to create widespread change when at the core, society has not resolved deeper systemic trauma. If we aspire to engage fully in creating conditions for regeneration, a deeper process of reconciliation is vital. To see regeneration we must also embrace reconciliation of people and place in an effort rooted in love.

Watch his keynote here:

Jason F. McLennan Bioneers Keynote

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