Vanderbilt University

A BlueSky Energy Vision and Implementation Strategy for Campus Buildings and Infrastructure.

Vanderbilt University

Entire Campus

Completed By:
Jason McLennan and Phaedra Svec

Vanderbilt BlueSky Energy Vision

BlueSky Visioning and stakeholder engagement, building inventory and analysis, infrastructure analysis, analysis of energy conservation measures and life-cycle analysis of retrofit strategies, carbon neutral planning and phasing, implementation planning.

Vanderbilt University hired HDR/McLennan Design (HDR/MD) to evaluate, develop and inspire a BlueSky Energy Vision to transform “blue sky” ideas into practical strategies that provides a future road map for implementation and reduction of carbon emissions across the entire campus. The HDR/MD project team, consisting of Architecture, Sustainability, Economics, Renewables, and Power experts, worked with Vanderbilt to evaluate and develop the BlueSky Energy Vision and implementation plan for its on-campus energy infrastructure that optimizes academic, economic, environmental and social benefits now and into the future. The team was tasked with re-envisioning the campus energy infrastructure and providing a roadmap for a next generation energy system that reduces the on-campus utility system carbon footprint to the lowest achievable level, with and without purchase of carbon offsets for off-campus production. HDR/MD worked with Vanderbilt to consider “state-of-the-future”—not just “state-of-the-practice” —options and concepts for this BlueSky Vision.

The plan includes practical and cutting edge recommendations for utilities, buildings, renewable integration, overall sustainability, and people. Strategies used in the development of the plan include triple bottom line and Sustainable Return on Investment analysis (SROI) considering valuation of environmental, societal, and financial metrics.