Purdue University

Innovation Campus Sustainability Plan

Purdue University

400 Acres


Completed By:
Jason F. Mclennan and Phaedra Svec

McLennan Design worked closely with the Purdue office of sustainability to develop tools, standards and development guidelines for the major campus expansion of its new Innovation District attached to the Purdue University campus. The work involved meeting with multiple stakeholder groups, review of campus plans and the identification of sustainability opportunities at multiple scales of the development. The 400 acre campus expansion, now called the Discovery Park, is viewed as a key driver of future success at the University in a unique public/private partnership with over a billion dollars in private sector investment.

The MD team developed presentations and tools to help guide the masterplan efforts and inform the university of opportunities and challenges related to building design and construction, the cost of green building, changes to infrastructure and more. The work culminated with presentation to campus leadership and the Purdue Research Foundation to help set goals for the Innovation District. The University is in process of enacting its 30-year plan.