“What you do makes a difference. And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”—Jane Goodall

HMTX World Headquarters

Floating delicately on top of an exposed rock ledge will sit the new 23,000 sqft world headquarters for HMTX Industries – a company that prides itself on sustainability, innovation, and teamwork. Committed to investing in a restorative ecosystem, HMTX wanted a building that would reflect its values with an uncompromising dedication to regenerative design. The building will expand upon the HMTX campus with a focus on art, technology, and industry-leading solutions to flooring design all while pursuing the most stringent green building rating system on the planet – the Living Building Challenge.

Visitors arriving at the heavily wooded site will be greeted by over 1.5 acres of ecologically restorative landscaping and the migratory fauna that frequent the region such as deer, fox, and bobcat. Direct biophilic experiences and connections to the natural world were critical to the project, and at every opportunity the building invites its guest to contemplate and be inspired by the beauty of the natural world. This begins with an entrance plaza that will set the tone of the building and welcome occupants with the sound of falling water from a feature fountain wall, 60-year-old shade trees, and a 35-foot mural composed by a local artist.

The first steps into this building will be up. The entire structure is designed to touch the ground lightly, floating above the granitic rock outcroppings to minimize site excavations, maintain wildlife corridors, and preserve as much of the existing landscape as possible. This “house upon the hill” has two elegant stair towers that feature natural wood materials touch down at the ground level and encourage visitors upward with expansive views out to the surrounding landscape. No component of this building is meant to simply pass through.  Each floor features “gallery-corridors” that offer naturally daylit connections to all major spaces of the building while passing extensive artwork collections and more views of the unique surrounding geology and tree canopy.

Location:  Norwalk, Connecticut

Size: 4-story building, approximately 23,000 sqft

Owner: Stone Realty

Design Team:

  • Architect: McLennan Design
  • Civil: McChord Engineering
  • Structural: Silman
  • MEP: Integral Group
  • Low Voltage: Cerami & Associates
  • Lighting: Derek Porter Studio
  • Geotech: Haley & Aldrich
  • Surveyor: Ryan & Faulds

More About The Project

Research, design, and innovation are all critical components of the facility. To usher in a new paradigm for flooring product design this facility will feature spaces for artist-in-residence design studios, inspirational galleries, and cutting-edge product development technologies to create some of the most beautiful and sustainable flooring products on the market. But the building will also be a place of great inspiration, and nature plays a key role. The architecture makes a constant effort to integrate nature into every space with views to the outdoors, access to fresh air, natural patterns, physical textures, bio-based materials, daylighting, interior planters, and direct physical connections to the outdoors at every level. This is exemplified by the top level of the structure, where under the shade of the PV panels that supply the buildings energy, occupants can explore an expansive green roof and look out over the tree canopy at panoramic views of the surrounding community.

The HMTX World Headquarters is an innovation center that will generate more energy on-site than it uses, produce zero carbon emissions through operation, capture and re-use rainwater, drastically reduce embodied carbon emissions, and use only the healthiest non-toxic materials available. Although located in an urban setting, the building offers a quiet and contemplative retreat from the noise of the world. It provides a place to slow down and engage on a deeper level while enhancing the creativity, collaboration, and all-around well-being of its inhabitants. But perhaps most importantly, it will be a beacon of hope for a more ecologically conscious and regenerative future.


Sustainability Top 5

  1. The first Living Building Challenge project in Norwalk Connecticut – the worlds most stringent green building rating system.
  2. Building will be “energy positive” – producing more renewable energy through on-site solar than it will ever use each year.
  3. Buildings is all electric and will operate with zero carbon emissions.
  4. Red List Free materials throughout entire project. Zero toxic chemicals used and the healthiest indoor environment possible.
  5. Biophilic and ecologically conscious design that nurtures the innate human/nature connection and promotes recovery of ecological functions of the site.
steve ringman/the seattle times, heron hall
steve ringman/the seattle times
steve ringman/the seattle times
steve ringman/the seattle times
steve ringman/the seattle times, heron hall
steve ringman/the seattle times, heron hall