“We deliver products that are free of redlist chemicals, beautiful to behold and that embody the spirit of a regenerative future.”

—Jason F. McLennan

McLennan Design has teamed up with ECOS Paints to offer curated color palettes from technology developed to improve air quality in the built environment.

ECOS System is a curated collection of regional palettes based on nature’s unique diversity, the science of color, and built on the greenest, premium quality paint on the market.

All colors are carefully selected from nature and each color is compatible with the other colors in the ECOS System palette.

SIREWALL is an in-situ, high-performance insulated structural system that resembles and greatly out-performs sedimentary sandstone. Local aggregates, carefully selected for physical properties and color are combined with a small proportion of Portland cement and steel reinforcement, creating a monolithic wall appearance and final finish for exterior and interior surfaces. This durable, healthy and environmentally benign building system can be engineered for use in high seismic zones and may weather directly exposed to the elements. McLennan Design is co-owner of Sirewall USA and is actively involved in its research, development partnerships and education. It is currently being used in Heron Hall.

Neil Kelly has long been the leading green cabinet maker in the United States — committed to producing superior products with a light ecological footprint. In teaming with McLennan Design’s Jason F. McLennan, there is now a cabinet line that represents the most environmentally responsible product line for our industry in existence. The cabinets are made of 100% FSC® Certified wood and plywood with special reclaimed wood and stone options and are free of red-listed chemicals including all paints and finishes.

Comprised of remnant stone and redesigned into something of immense beauty that can last decades, with no maintenance, no chemicals and very little embodied energy. Coldspring Granite teamed up with McLennan Design’s Jason F. McLennan to conceive and launch this product line.

Small pieces of remnant stone from other stone products that are normally ground up as aggregate or left in piles are now utilized fully within Earth Measure. The product is part of the DECLARE Products protocol for unparalleled product transparency.

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