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Dale Duncan AIA LEED AP
Managing Partner

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Galen Carlson

Galen Carlson is a young designer with a passion for innovative, mission-based design and a deep belief in the value of transformative relationships. His work is driven by a desire to push the envelope of design, technologically, ecologically, and relationally. A native Northwesterner, his love of the mountainous Pacific landscape serves as a constant source of inspiration for his work and home life. Galen holds a Master of Architecture degree with a specialization in Urban Design from the University of Oregon, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Washington.

Steven Christian, LEED GA

Christian is a project designer with McLennan Design. Experiences garnered during international travels and cultural research while serving in the US Navy has broaden his perspectives. Interested in both advanced design technology and classic techniques, he finds a beauty in simple elegant solutions to ever increasingly complex global challenges. He has worked on projects across a large spectrum of scale, climate and building types. Christian holds a Masters in Architecture from Pratt Institute in New York and a Bachelors of Art in Architecture with a focus on Urban Design and Sustainability from Portland State University.

Joshua M Fisher

Joshua Fisher is the Director of Creative Media, a designer and visual artist, and a founding member at McLennan Design. His recent work includes a diverse spectrum of deep-green regenerative design projects with McLennan Design and the International Living Future Institute. In both his professional work and personal design studies, he seeks ways in which technology and the visual arts can be used as tools to create a vision of life that is more beautiful, more whimsical, and more interconnected with nature through the design of the built environment. Active in his community to cultivate projects that seek to enhance livability and enjoyment, he has served as a Kitsap County Arts Board member and on city committees to share experiences from abroad locally in support of a more art filled, pedestrian focused, and nature thriving communities. How we leverage our knowledge and technical expertise of design and building to create places to live, work, and play, in a way that is inspiring, beautiful, and thriving alongside nature is a driving motivator for him.

Blake Gallagher, AIA LEED AP BD+C

Blake Gallagher is a project designer with McLennan Design. He holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Pulling inspiration from his passion for the natural sciences, he takes a holistic approach to understand a project’s transformative and sustainable potential. Blake’s work to date is based upon a design process that is strongly rooted in the consilience of knowledge and science. He has had a pivotal role in designing and delivering a wide range of project types and scales spanning the globe. He sees today’s explosion of accessible data and information as an explicit design tool, striving to leverage cutting edge digital technologies as a means to encourage a more rapid, iterative, and intelligent design process.

Phaedra SvecAIA, LEED AP BD + C 

Phaedra is an architect, regenerative systems planner and Director of Regenerative Design with McLennan Design.  With over 20 years of experience in the sustainable design movement, she has served as chief sustainability trouble maker on many award-winning, high-performance projects.  A master at interrupting traditional process, she creates opportunities to infuse Biomimicry and regenerative design and development processes into an integrated design process.  Phaedra’s approach to regenerative design and development is holistic, systems-based, inspired by living systems and deeply personal.  She believes that regenerative design is not a new set of standards or best practices to comply with, but rather a way of coming to a project with a mind intent on discovering and improving the on-going vitality of a place and its living systems.  

Bonnie Tabb

Bonnie Tabb brings her joyful exuberance for life and helpful nature to the role of Office Manager and Executive Assistant to McLennan Design.  Finding delight in a similar role at the International Living Future Institute, Bonnie embraces the philosophies of design and sustainability that the McLennan team embodies. A native Washingtonian and an advocate for pedestrian commuting, Bonnie enjoys starting each day immersed in the vitality of nature juxtaposed with the built environment, during her walk to work. The daughter of a machinist, and the mother of a dancer and a teacher, she understands the power of craft, and the beauty of art and expression.

Jason Wilkinson, AIA LEED AP BD+C

Jason is a Project Architect with McLennan Design and brings 15 years of sustainable design experience on a variety of project types, including higher education, healthcare, commercial and civic projects. He is skilled at balancing his passion for advancing sustainability with humor, a positive outlook and careful listening. Jason has a collaborative team attitude and a commitment to delivering high quality results that emphasize practical solutions, he has been an active volunteer in his community providing pro-bono design services. His past experiences provide a foundation for his role at MD, moving sustainable design forward to new levels of integration and effectiveness.

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