In the debate about the benefits of site built construction and off-site prefabrication, is there a potential middle ground, taking the best from both worlds?


This project explores contrasts. As a hybrid of site built (anchored) and prefabricated (docked) approaches, it explores opposites: permanent and temporal, heavy and light, closed and open, anchored and portable. Two 1000 SF rental units contain 2 bedrooms and 2 baths configured around compact cores with stacked services. The kitchen of the anchored element receives the docked dining and living space. The docked element is post and beam framed with all glass exposures facing the interior courts. Sheer curtains provide a measure of privacy. The flexible living space can be customized and upgraded over time. The center breezeway is part of the strategy to provide maximum separation between units and minimum shared walls. Constructed for $250,000 (2005), the project offers an economical prototype and opportunity to increase density on typical 50 foot lots. Hybrid House is located in the historic Roanoke neighborhood of Kansas City Missouri.

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