We believe that sustainability should be for everyone, regardless of income level or social position. We believe that every project should be a living building and free of toxic chemicals and fossil fuel use. We believe that your project could become part of a vision of transforming the world to be truly sustainable for many generations to come.


The Green Warrior Society, the charitable design arm of McLennan Design and its partners, helps to provide deep green design, fundraising and construction services to non-profit organizations with strong social and environmental missions who are also passionate about protecting the environment. Indeed, low operating and maintenance costs are needed most by individuals and organizations with limited means, who typically are least able to pay for better buildings that have lower energy and water bills, healthier materials and construction practices, and higher quality design.


If you are a registered charity doing work to help those who are resource poor, sick, or the environment (through conservation efforts) and need help with deep green facility design, engineering and construction – including fundraising – then we may be able to help. Green Warrior Society is set up to work exclusively with organizations that have a powerful social or environmental mission and are also deeply committed to sustainability and addressing the links between climate change, habitat and resource depletion, and social justice.
Even if resources are scarce, all of us have an obligation to make a better world where we can. If you want to do something profound, then we can help.

dollars raised in collaboration with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation for environmental conservation

dollars in pro-bono design services for Warriors' Ascent

dollars in pro-bono services to the Lifebox Container concept


Those that need help the most are typically given the worst support and have the worst infrastructure. Non-profits work tirelessly to create social change and need facilities to help them carry out their missions, yet often don’t have the tools necessary to raise money and interest from potential funders. As a result many organizations that work so hard and passionately to help people or the environment do so with limited resources or in facilities that are unsuited for their tasks and therefore diminishes the potential for success. In short – the world is often inequitable and unjust. We know we cannot fix all of societies inequities, but we can make a contribution by applying our skills to solve design problems that can make a difference. We at McLennan Design and our partners in the Green Warrior Society are blessed to work on some of the world’s most influential green building projects with clients that are able to pay competitive market rates. Our goal to channel significant portions of our profits to help those that aren’t so lucky.

Where we’ll work

The Green Warrior Society will work anywhere around the world where we are able to make a difference and where there is demonstrated need and a commitment to our shared values of ecological stewardship.

What We Do

The GreenWarrior Society will pair your needs (design, fundraising help, engineering, construction) with world class professional skills.

Why do we do this

Simply put, we care. We recognize that the current global economic framework concentrates wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people, making it harder for most people to survive and care for their family.


Please note that we are only able to take on a limited amount of projects at any given time – and only will consider projects that are transformational in some capacity. All projects go through a rigorous screening process and projects are chosen at our sole discretion. McLennan Design or its partners may decide to offer discounted services or may waive its services completely at its sole discretion. Depending on the project location, scope and timing – we may refer you to another member of our ‘society’ who are happy to help provide support for your worthy project.
View our Green Warrior Projects Below

Warrior’s Ascent

McLennan Design is donating $60,000 of design services to help design a healing village for US war veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Each year thousands of young veterans commit suicide, unable to cope with the trauma experienced while in combat. Proven non-medication based strategies such as meditation, horse therapy and trust building activities reorient them to a new life purpose.

Africa Mobile Container Project

McLennan Design donated $12,000 in design services to help design a portable classroom and medical module for rural villages in Africa along with Helix Architecture and Integral Group Engineering.

7th Battalion/158th Aviation Regiment Memorial

The veterans memorial at New Century Air Center in Gardner, Kansas will include a CH47D Chinook helicopter placed in a park-like setting. The plaza will be surrounded by natural plantings and stone inscriptions honoring the 30 men that were killed in action aboard an identical aircraft brought down in Operation Enduring Freedom on August 6, 2011. Dale’s son, SPC Spencer C. Duncan was the door gunner aboard that aircraft. The memorial concept symbolizes a release of the helicopter and crew from the cradle of protecting hands into a final flight away from the earth. The site will provide a place of consolation for survivors, family and friends and a sacred place for contemplation and remembrance.


If the answer is yes to any of the questions below and you are also interested in truly pushing the boundaries of sustainability and having world-class facilities, we may be able to help.
Building affordable housing in disadvantaged communities?
Addressing issues of violence against women or children?
Working on disaster relief or foreign aid?
Providing services for children or disadvantaged populations?
Helping to provide grief, healing or medical services to those most in need?
Helping to restore damaged ecosystems or preserving habitat?
Addressing issues of homelessness?
Helping to educate and train those that need new skills or a better future?
Working on species protection or critical environmental research?